即使通信技术已经变得更加复杂和普遍, 安全通信的主要目标并没有改变——保护人们, 属性和数据.

这些目标将继续推动新的安全功能的发展, greater granularity in surveillance and better safeguards for the tools we rely on every day to keep students, 病人, 员工及资讯安全.

安全方面的挑战显而易见. 根据2012年美国.S. 人口普查数据显示,80%的学校预计会发生暴力事件. 摩托罗拉十大国际老虎机平台的一项全国性调查显示, 99%的教育工作者说创建一个安全的, 安全的环境是他们的首要任务.

医疗保健环境中的事故也在增加, with violence against employees by clients and 病人 accounting for 90 percent of all assaults in hospitals, 根据国际医疗保障和安全基金会.

Effective security takes a thoughtful combination of the right technology and human vigilance. 考虑到这一点,本保密通信设备指南将包括:

  • 双向无线电安全功能
  • 视频监控十大国际老虎机平台
  • 网络安全的最佳实践




Two-way radios are among the primary communications tools across a diverse array of industries and professions, 包括教育, 医疗保健, 制造业, 零售及公共安全. 考虑到无线电的广泛使用和增长, safety features have been developed that address the unique needs of almost every user and situation imaginable. 

Here are some of the most commonly used safety features and applications for two-way radios:

网络 (PTT)

问问任何一个无线电用户,为什么他们更喜欢无线电而不是智能手机, 或者其他形式的交流, 他们提到的第一件事是一键式通话. Instant communication with another person or group of people is literally the touch of a button away, 在分秒必争的情况下, 这不仅仅是方便, 这是挽救生命.


像摩托罗拉这样的应用 WAVE工作组通信, 任何与无线电通信的设备都可以启用“一键通话”功能, 包括手机, 平板电脑, 笔记本电脑, 台式电脑,甚至座机. 该平台提供了通过语音或文本进行私人或群组对话的选项, 智能手机和平板电脑用户可以免费下载该应用程序.


一键通话并不是使用无线电进行紧急通信的唯一选择. 在紧急情况下使用全呼叫通道还允许所有用户立即连接, 这个功能在学校和地区特别受欢迎. 

具有紧急警报功能, a panic button can be pressed that sends a distress call to other radios within a certain range. 一旦按下按钮, the radio typically goes into hands-free mode for several seconds so the user can describe their emergency without having to hold anything.




摩托罗拉MOTOTRBO,孤独工作者是由缺乏用户活动触发的. 如果佩戴者在预定的一段时间内没有与收音机互动, 说10分钟, 预先警告的语气会消失, 通过无线电向他或她发出重置计时器的信号, 按下按钮或调节音量. 如果用户仍然没有与无线电进行交互,就会发起紧急呼叫.

在其他品牌, 只要无线电佩戴者激活"孤独工人, 他们会被提醒每隔五分钟按下“通话按钮”来“签到”. 登记可以让其他人知道一切都很好. 如果用户没有签到, 无线电自动发出需要帮助的紧急警报. 无线电的麦克风一直保持着,直到救援到达, 让其他用户听到该地区正在发生的事情. 该功能可以设置为5到80分钟的任何地方, 提醒器每五分钟响一次.


的 appropriately named 人下来 application is the best choice for just that – situations in which a user has become incapacitated. Radios can be set to automatically sound an alert if the device is tilted for a period of time at an angle that suggests that the wearer has fallen (from 20 to 90 degrees), 或者在一段时间内没有检测到任何运动. 如果工人没有受到伤害, 他们可以在不发送紧急信号的情况下重新定位无线电或禁用警报. 如果他们不关闭警报, 紧急信号让其他用户知道发送或到达寻求帮助.


全球定位系统(GPS)跟踪是另一个必须拥有的安全通信. 调度程序, 主管和同事可以看到, 在真正的时间, 所有的车辆和用户都在哪里,他们要去哪里. 对于移动用户, there is an integrator available that sends an alert to supervisors when a vehicle goes out of the footprint of their radio system.


One of the biggest advantages of digital two-way radios over their analog counterparts is interoperability, including the ability to coordinate with public safety agencies and local first responders over the air. Applications are available that allow for instant connection with first responders during emergencies and large-scale events, 例如恶劣的天气.


使用双向无线电意味着在紧急情况下能够依赖可靠的连接, 停电和自然灾害时,手机信号塔可能超载. 当学生, 患者和非电台工作人员都无法使用智能手机, 无线电用户仍然可以保持联系.


Radios also ensure secure communications by existing as a backup in case of landline failure during severe weather or other emergencies. And they’re equipped to better overcome dead zones that can make smart phone communication impossible.


有很多原因, video cameras and video surveillance systems are go-to secure communications equipment used to help protect property and other valuable assets. From relatively small systems for single sites to sophisticated networks designed to cover entire campuses or facilities, 视频十大国际老虎机平台可以定制服务于任何情况.

虽然在网上买视频设备很方便, working with an experienced retailer and installer is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. 专业人士可以帮助您选择最合适的产品, 第一次正确安装它们,并制定一个服务和维护计划.




Just the visible presence of a video camera or signage about their existence can be a powerful deterrent, 让人们注意到他们的活动正在被监视和记录. 研究表明,相机在阻止财产犯罪方面特别有效.


Being able to watch an event unfold 在真正的时间 provides the best opportunity to stop it in its tracks or minimize its impact. And the ability to review recorded images provides insight that can be used for training and prevention efforts.  

Video cameras capture footage and images that can later be used as invaluable evidence for law enforcement reports or insurance claims.

摄像头和监控系统有效地监控着人们无法监控的关键区域, 这双数码眼睛可以成为动摇法官或陪审团的证据, 或确保丢失或损坏是否有适当的文件记录.



由美国城市研究所委托进行的一项研究.S. Department of Justice looked at the effectiveness of public surveillance cameras in deterring crime in three U.S. 城市. 除了评估相机的使用, the study authors issued a series of recommendations for public safety agencies that apply to the private sector as well.

  • 不要低估成本.
  • 预测技术升级.
  • 从小事做起.
  • 考虑位置.
  • 投资实时监控.
  • 优化培训.




由Axis公司生产的网络摄像机 are based on open IP standards and connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet. 这种摄像机可以在世界任何地方进行远程观察和记录. Advanced video analytics features include: motion detection, audio detection and a tampering alarm.


突出系统使 CompleteView视频管理系统,它提供了控制大型和小型安全安装的能力. CompleteView is built on open architecture and features the easiest path for users looking to move from analog to digital video. CompleteView视频管理软件自带:视频, 报警, 网络, 映射和聚焦都来自一个单一的平台.


克莱默电子值得信赖 视频信号分配 在标准IP网络上捕捉、管理和分发音频和视频信号.


Data and the personalization it makes possible are fueling unprecedented advances that make our lives easier, 我们是否在教室里, 手术室, 前台或行政办公室. 不幸的是, 网络犯罪分子正在追赶甚至超过旨在防范他们的工具, 网络犯罪也在上升.

联邦调查局网络犯罪投诉中心 (IC3) 2016年收到了298,728起投诉,报告的损失超过1美元.30亿年. 仅在医疗保健, 泄露危及患者信息的行为每年给卫生系统造成数百万美元的损失. 而在教育, the 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon found that there were 455 cybersecurity incidents in 2016 and 73 of them resulted in data disclosure.

最重要的网络安全最佳实践之一是,安全是每个人的工作, 而不仅仅是IT部门. 你可以投资最好的安全十大国际老虎机平台设备和软件, 但如果员工没有接受过如何通过自己的行为来使用或支持它的培训, 你的组织仍然处于危险之中.

员工是网络攻击的第一道防线, and even the most tech savvy among them can still be vulnerable – all it takes is one instance of one employee letting their guard down to devastate an entire system.




  • 不要在网页弹出窗口或其他非你主动发起的地方输入个人信息.
  • 在通过电话或电子邮件向某人提供个人信息之前, 联系IT以验证请求是否来自他们.
  • 当离开工作场所时, 不要使用公共WiFi远程访问工作文件, 而是使用一个安全的虚拟专用网(VPN).
  • 在网上分享工作场所的照片时, 注意后台有什么, 例如白板或笔记.



  • 如果员工在移动设备上存储敏感数据, 要求所有移动设备数据加密.
  • 如果你的公司有自带设备(BYOD)的规定, 对所有能够访问受保护信息的设备进行完整的盘点.
  • Include in your BYOD policy requirements the ability to remotely wipe devices of all data if they’re lost or misplaced.
  • 要求员工定期接受有关私隐及保安的培训.


And regularly conduct a risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities in every element of your operation related to data, 包括移动设备.



Pairing the right secure communications equipment with strong security policies will put any organization firmly on the path of keeping people, 财产及资讯安全. 当个人和技术一起工作时,安全系统是最有效的. Arming your organization with the right tools and your people with the right training reduces risk and maximizes any security investment.

同样重要的是要记住,你不需要一个人去. 与右翼合作 零售商,安装者和双向无线电服务提供者 确保您获得所需的安全通信设备和支持, 现在和未来.



十大国际老虎机平台有限责任公司提供销售, 安装和维护整个十大国际老虎机地区的通信设备. 自1998年以来, 我们已经服务了6个以上,教育领域的000名客户, 医疗保健, 制造业, 公共安全等. Our 20 union technicians and installers have an average tenure of 15 years and have seen and done it all, 独特的定位让我们了解什么公司, 校园和公共安全机构需要保持联系. 我们勤劳的技术人员一天24小时工作, 一年365天,客户需要我们的时候我们都在.




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